Duty and Super Funds

A transfer of, or agreement for the transfer of, dutiable property to a superannuation fund, between superannuation funds, or from a superannuation fund to a member of the fund, may be occur with a nominal assessment being issued. This may be the case whether it is a gift or consideration is paid.

Certain conditions need to be met.  There are also complications that can derail an application if not considered correctly.  For example a gift to the fund may need for the asset to be kept seperate or that it is a closed fund.

Attached is the WA Office of State Revenue’s fact sheet and provides information about

  1. superannuation funds;
  2. transfer to a superannuation fund for consideration;
  3. transfer to a superannuation fund without consideration;
  4. transfer between superannuation funds without consideration;
  5. transfer between trustee and custodian of a superannuation fund; and
  6. transfer from a superannuation fund to a member

Details as to transferring property


Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet