All aspects of duty management. Including in all Australian Jurisdictions.

Submissions and advice on Connected Entity exemptions. Essentially review and consideration of exemptions available for transferring assets between related corporate structures.

Transferring share or units may trigger a liability to duty based on the underlying land content. We consider the relevant provisions and guide you through this complex area.

All duty aspects when transferring a business. Goodwill, Exempt items – trade stock. Intellectual property. Contract rights. Rent roles or client lists. Plant and Equipment. Business names. Supply rights. Restraint of trade payments. 

Applications for payment arrangements. Remissions of penalties for late lodgement or late payment. Requests for opinions. 

Research and preparation and lodgement of Objections to assessments.

Farm-in arrangements. Tenement acquisitions. Derivative Mining Rights. Grant vs Transfer. Royalty agreements. Easements. Land holding entities with tenements. Tenement valuation issues.

Dealing with interests is partnerships: rollovers. Retirements. Admissions. Dissolution.

Transferring assets upon liquidation of a company or unit trust.

Nominal assessment for vesting of assets or winding up of trusts.

Transferring assets to / from funds. 

Land Tax grouping. Exemptions. Applications

Undertake a review and consideration of an issued assessment.

We collaborate with a specialist in the area of payroll tax to solve any state Payroll Tax issue.

Liaison  with the Revenue Offices on matters.