About Us

Shaun, principal of Shaun Garlick & Co, has been advising and dealing with Australia’s leading companies on stamp duty matters for over 30 years. Shaun spent 17 years at the Office of State Revenue, the later of those years as a Manager, and acted as Assistant Commissioner in the Stamp Duty assessing branch.  There he managed objections to rulings, dealt with the Crown Solicitors Office on some of the most detailed and complex issues, represented the public face of the department on aspects of stamp duty legislation and application; and drafted revenue rulings for the department.

Shaun joined PricewaterhouseCoopers to manage the Stamp Duty team in 1998 (for 5 years) and later spent 4 years as an Executive Director at Ernst & Young leading a stamp duty team of six.  With this experience and being able to offer better value and independence, Shaun set up his own specialist consulting firm.  In summary, Shaun is a trusted advisor to both small businesses and multinationals.

Typically we provide advice on duty matters, including whether or not a transaction is subject to duty, and in which jurisdiction. If it is subject to duty we work with clients and other advisors to ensure the correct amount of duty is payable or that all possible exemptions are considered and applied for. For example,alignment of property within a national group by transferring property may be eligible for exemption in most Australian jurisdictions. We have successfully managed the duty issues for large listed international companies to achieve those exemptions.

At times our purpose is to simply manage the duty obligations in the various jurisdictions to ensure that no more than the correct amount of duty is paid. This at times involves submission of objections to assessments.

Our clients include many law and accounting firms in Western Australia. We are able to offer the "back end" support with expertise in duty matters.

Why Choose Us

  • Experience of the Big 4 but not the costs
  • Independence - ensures objectivity
  • Outcome Based - not fee driven
  • Knowledge
  • Efficient
  • Experience
  • Cost effective